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Call to Arms v8.5 Update

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  • Call to Arms v8.5 Update

    Hello Leaders!
    Our v8.5 Call to Arms update of DomiNations is coming soon.
    Here's a look at what's included in the update, we have more info on the re-balance for General Eisenhower, new Digital Age upgrades along with several bug fixes and improvements:

    General Eisenhower Balance Changes

    General Eisenhower’s quick and powerful AOE damage, long-range, and high cumulative hitpoints make him too safe on offense and difficult to counter on defense. While still a powerful troop, we are shifting around Eisenhower’s power so that players must think carefully about when and where they deploy him during battle.

    General Eisenhower (Helicopter Form)
    • Eisenhower now deals more damage with each attack while in his Helicopter form, but attacks more slowly, leaving him more vulnerable to incoming damage. His HP, attack radius, and splash damage radius have also been reduced, making him weaker against large groups of enemy units. To sustain Eisenhower’s high damage Helicopter form, players should consider supporting him with War Tactics like Protect and be more thoughtful about his positioning during battle.
      • Damage increased
      • Attack Speed and HP reduced
      • Splash Attack Radius and Attack Radius reduced
    General Eisenhower (Paratrooper Form)
    • When Eisenhower’s Helicopter form is destroyed, he parachutes down to the battlefield and fights on foot with his Bazooka. In this form, Eisenhower now has more survivability, allowing him to thrive on the front lines of battle, but deals less damage than his Helicopter form. His attack speed, attack radius, and splash attack radius have also been reduced, making him more vulnerable when swarmed by groups of enemies.
      • HP and Damage increased
      • Attack Speed, Attack Radius and Splash Attack Radius reduced

    Claiming Leaderboard Rewards
    • Leaderboard Rewards are no longer auto-granted and must now be manually claimed.
    • If you do not claim rewards by the time the Summary Period ends, then these rewards are lost.

    Digital Age Building Upgrades
    • Upgrade Farms to Level 24
    • Upgrade Caravans to Level 24
    • Upgrade Oil Wells to Level 12
    • Upgrade the Dock (Shipyard) to Level 12
    • At level 12, 5 new Expedition Destinations are added, including:
      • Tokyo
      • Cairo
      • Berlin
      • Chicago
      • Tulum
    • 2 new Troop Tactics can be earned once you new level 12 expeditions

    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Improved Local Notifications
    • Troop Tactic portraits no longer overlap with text in the VIP Store
    • Spartans accompanying Leonidas now have a proper walk animation
    • Spearmen in the tutorial now have a proper walk animation
    • Historic text for artifacts in the event pass benefits window is bigger and easier to read
    • Closed out an exploit where users could cancel an upgrade and leave an alliance to gain extra food
    • Advisor now shows the correct building name for various defensive buildings
    • Fixed the Airstrip Troop training buff issue at VIP level 7 so training time is properly reduced
    • Fixed an audio issue with event building units when attacking
    • Fixed a crash some users could experience when opening the Laws summary window
    Ex vulgus scientia!

  • #2
    The Leadership Board Reward change is basically the exact opposite of a quality of life update. What does this solve? Just screwing over the occasional player that forgets to manually collect?
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    • #3
      Love me a new Dock level; looking forward to learning what it provides


      • #4
        When will we be able to see all alliance members Parliament donations stat? BHG is jumping from one update to another without any actual upgrade in quality of game.


        • #5
          What is the leadership reward this mentions specifically?


          • #6
            «Bug Fixes and Improvements... «

            And that's all?! This list should contain dozens of corrections! Waiting for the next bugfixes..


            • #7
              +3 alliance gate?
              bastions during map edit?
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              Training academy για ολα τα επιπεδα παικτων.


              • Spaceboy
                Spaceboy commented
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                no..they said that they are fixing only critical bugs: walk animation, audio issues, etc..

            • #8
              What’s the deal with the museum? Is it planned as I don’t see it on the notes. My 4 star artefact was worth 2000 fragments before the update and the same artefact is now worth 1200 fragments.


              • Quagmire
                Quagmire commented
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                That’s the King Tut event until July 14th.

            • #9
              Originally posted by TheWise View Post

              Claiming Leaderboard Rewards
              • Leaderboard Rewards are no longer auto-granted and must now be manually claimed.
              • If you do not claim rewards by the time the Summary Period ends, then these rewards are lost.
              As Viper noted, this is a really small, but questionable change. Why do this? Quality of life changes are great when they are put in (for example, reducing time on farming fruit trees or mines). Frustrating to see you go the opposite direction. Btw if you have QOL change discussions, how about removing the requirement for the war map "click" to open up the spy report - why cant it be automatic for those who have done the research

              Thanks for the new dock level. It was an otherwise unremarkable update, but this piece will be nice

              ***Edited to say OUCH on the undocumented museum fragment changes Finding good artifacts and crafting for BPs just got much harder due to the overall decrease in quantity that you can craft***

              ***Edit 2: The decreased frags for selling artifacts is a visual glitch. If you force restart after crafting, you will see your missing frags, thank goodness***
              Last edited by S_How; 07-07-2020, 06:04 AM.
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              • #10
                Bastions seemingly never fixed?


                • #11
                  Funny how nerfing the amount of blueprints when selling artifacts are not part of the release notes... so this update is a “screw you” to honest playing members...


                  • #12
                    They did not nerf artifact blueprints. Seems to be a Visual thing. Just upgrade, open museum and then reboot. All should work as normal afterwards.
                    My Game ID is Dradis


                    • #13
                      Originally posted by Benergizer View Post
                      Funny how nerfing the amount of blueprints when selling artifacts are not part of the release notes... so this update is a “screw you” to honest playing members...
                      Hey Benergizer It wasn't an intended change, it's a visual bug. The team is aware, and we're currently looking into what could be causing it. You should still earn the same amount of currency as before, it's just not updating correctly. We do have a workaround. If you hard reset the game (force close the app), you should see your updated currency.


                      • bapia
                        bapia commented
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                        When is it going to be fixed? Any Eta?

                    • #14
                      Ayo, I was wrong. Restarting the game does not fix it. The numbers and totals added are wrong.
                      My Game ID is Dradis


                      • #15
                        Seems to be more then a Visual bug.
                        My Game ID is Dradis


                        • S_How
                          S_How commented
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                          Dradis, if you force restart, it you should see your frags increase to the correct number. It is just a visual bug for me but requires a force restart to fix

                        • Ayo
                          Ayo commented
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                          Just to be sure, we'll follow up with your account and take a look.