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Update to Banning Policy - Alliance Cheating (2/14/2020)

This is a sticky topic.
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    Nullifying the Alliance's glory is enough. The main tool is the permanent blocking/elimination of fraudsters' accounts.


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      Hi, Ayo Leviathan ,
      Could you give us an update of the banning policity?


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        Xabar they ban for 3 7 and 14 days take away next to nothing if more than 5 in the alliance at the time they get some glory taken but since they keep the levels and gens and such they beat teams all over again for 2 times the glory until they are right back where they were as anti cheating started again they rolled back over 100 teams but since nothing is really taken away you look at the board today it's bacl to the way it was before they started there is 80 teams in the top 100 who have had their glory taken for cheating and got it all back of those 80 30 have had the rollback multiple times with 6 of those more than 4 times rolled . It's completly pointless now to play.

        Ever see wars where you have 0 chance in planning day ...want to know why? Because those hacked bases have the same weight as when they began to hack and most that's iron to industrial age your here they are at 300-371 max everything weighing in at the previous weight but since they don't get 100-200 levels taken away they continue to mess up war matches this will not be fixed until they retroactively rollback those accounts which by policy isnt something they do. (Yes I'm sure somwone will say they do most I've seen is a 370 taken down to a 368 and losing 1 level of walls ) sure he was back to 370 a hour after his 3 day ban was over

        As well they are taking it from 3 strikes yeah you could cheat and recheat 3 times to 2 so 2hat they are saying is if your cheating go big max it all then take a 3 day break via ban but that's ok you keep 99 percent of rhat you stole then just do it again at the next age the. Go clean after thats but also disclaimer you have to actually purchase at least 1 legendary so you don't get banned this will make you VIP and they won't Bea's harsh as you spent 500 for what everyone else had to spend thousands on


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          To take glory away doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t hurt you. Alliances will get hurt by banning from world war for about 2 weeks to a month. Than they will think over their actions. Nothing else will work!
          Until it is not fixed, my signature will be:
          Dominations = the better cheater wins!


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