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Update to Banning Policy - Alliance Cheating (2/14/2020)

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  • Update to Banning Policy - Alliance Cheating (2/14/2020)

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    Greetings Leaders!

    In a continuing effort to make DomiNations as fair and fun as possible, we are increasing our efforts to find and sanction cheaters as well as deter Alliances from allowing cheating to happen from within.

    Alliances with members that are flagged for violating the cheating policy will be sanctioned. Additionally, punitive measures (up to and including reducing Glory) may be taken against the Alliance itself.

    Please make every effort to encourage your Alliance members to play fairly.
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    Yeni müttefik seviyesi istiyoruz


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      Unfortunately 2 years too late.

      Lord Stark leader of D͓̽ґѧ⒢өηṧ†øn̥ͦΣ


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        This is good news! But really, what prevented this from being done before?

        Instead of a rhetorical question, there is a specific one:
        TinSoldier, is there a plan to audit all top-level players?
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          Where can we see alliance members that are flagged so that we can be pro-active?


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            Better late than never folks 👍


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              Originally posted by TinSoldier View Post
              [B]Alliances with members that are flagged
              Flag of shame?


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                A quick look at dominations.pl shows roughly 650 alliances with one or more members flagged for suspicious activity. Be a good place to start.


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                  Originally posted by Fatfinger View Post
                  A quick look at dominations.pl shows roughly 650 alliances with one or more members flagged for suspicious activity. Be a good place to start.
                  But that isn’t a Nexon site, they just hacked their servers right?

                  It seems that Nexon are now flagging alliances and members and we should be active but we don’t know until they reduce our glory, so if they are flagging then where do we see this?


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                    Yes, suspicious players must be flagged in-game so alliance leaders can avoid unexpected consequences. How is that going to work TinSoldier ?


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                      Next step:

                      Apply many penalties on cheaters in real time, such as

                      -50% DPS and hitpoints when attacking
                      -50% DPS and hitpoints when defending
                      allowing to be attacked by all Ages players
                      Reduce their citizens for some time etc

                      Those penalties could be imposed on cheaters relatively to their severity of their actions and remain active for as long as NEXON sees fit
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                      • wrathchild_78
                        wrathchild_78 commented
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                        Reduce their citizens for some time etc

                        THAT!!! excellent idea

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                      Proving cheating is hard. Our latest opponents are almost certainly cheating. Their attacks against our top players are all the same; drop mercs, generals, tanks in a corner, wait a minute, send in 4 bombers. The replays show 1 to 3 stars, but the official result is 5. We think they are using glitch mode so our defenses don't respond. We get the standard response from CS that replays are not accurate. But I have an idea.

                      Replays of your own attacks on the original device are at least 90% accurate. They might occasionally show 4 stars when you got 5, but never a huge discrepancy. So my idea is if you are suspected (accused) of cheating, you must provide a recording of the replay of the attack. If it does not show you could have won, or if you do not provide the recording, you will be sanctioned.

                      To prevent frivolous accusations of cheating, BHG could charge a few hundred crowns per investigation.
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                      • King Crimson
                        King Crimson commented
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                        So what you're asking people to do is: provide their own evidence that they're cheating?
                        Good luck with that.

                      • Uhuru
                        Uhuru commented
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                        BHG should be able to diagnose fraud. You do not need to prove anything, just poke their nose into the cheater's account. But unfortunately they do not inspect individual accounts even those that we have indicated to them! I stopped doing it.

                      • Tsamu
                        Tsamu commented
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                        King Crimson, that's why I added "or if you do not provide the recording". I'll go even further; the accused alliance is not allowed to start another war until the investigation is resolved.

                    • #13
                      Nexon is doing OK job with catching cheaters, not the best - just OK. But there always will be players looking for the exploits in the game and trying to use it. Even if it’s monetary option.
                      Why not to introduce VIP membership? Instead of useless VIP store -—> VIP membership with deeply discounted troop cards, speed ups, etc?


                      • #14
                        VIP store and VIP membership are the same thing. I would like to believe that access to the VIP store depends on the actual payments, then this is a way to counter cheaters. And in this capacity, it is useful.


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                          By the way: reducing glory isn’t the right way of sanctioning alliances. Less glory leads to a better match for them. Less glory indicates also to fight against weaker alliances. Which means it is beneficial for the cheaters! So, if you reduce the glory, you will help them to win in world war.

                          cheating alliances should be banned in world war for at least one month!
                          Until it is not fixed, my signature will be:
                          Dominations = the better cheater wins!


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