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Space Age Rush 50% (1/20 - 1/27) and 25%(1/27 - 2/3/2020)

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  • Space Age Rush 50% (1/20 - 1/27) and 25%(1/27 - 2/3/2020)

    As the last weeks to Winter for the Ages, the Space Age Rush will run slightly differently than other feature periods. The first week focuses on the chance to age up to Space Age instantly, while the second week is a final chance for discounts.

    From 14:00 UTC 1/20 until 14:00 UTC 1/27/2020, Advance through the ages while Space Age upgrades to troops and buildings are 50% cheaper! Upgrade your Town Center from Cold War Age into Space Age instantly!

    From 14:00 UTC 1/27 until 14:00 UTC 2/3/2020, it's your last chance to strengthen your base while all Space Age upgrades to troops, buildings, and tactics are 25% cheaper during this limited-time event! Upgrade your Town Center from Space Age into Digital Age instantly!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	DOM_Space_Age_FINALsmall.png
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ID:	665024

    Buildings and Troops discounted for the Space Age Rush (1/20 - 2/3/2020):

    Town Center: Age Up from Cold War Age into Space Age instantly from 14:00 UTC 1/20 until 14:00 UTC 1/27/2020!
    Age Up from Space Age into Digital Age instantly from 14:00 UTC 1/27 until 14:00 UTC 2/3/2020!

    Air Defense: level 7
    Airstrip: level 6
    Anti-Tank Gun: level 9
    Armory: level 12
    Barracks: level 11
    Bastion: level 5
    Bunker: level 6
    Caravan: level 21 & 22
    Factory: level 10 & 11
    Farm: level 21 & 22
    Fort: level 8
    Garrison: level 12
    Gate: level 18
    Library: level 13
    Machine Gun (Redoubt): level 7
    Market: level 15
    Mercenary Camp: level 12
    Mill: level 15
    Missile Silo: level 6
    Mortar (Catapult): level 10
    Oil Refinery: level 7
    Oil Well: level 9 & 10
    Road: level 11
    Sniper Tower: level 9 & 10
    Storehouse: level 11
    Stronghold: level 6
    Tank Depot: level 13
    Tower: level 13
    University: level 8
    Vault: level 8
    Wall: level 18

    Ambush Trap: level 9
    Barbed Wire: level 11
    Landmine: level 13 & 14
    S.A.M. Battery: level 8

    Expert Infantry (soldier level 13)
    Elite Rifleman (archer level 12)
    Valiant Motorcycle Raider (Raider level 11)
    MBT Mk3 (Cavalry level 11)
    Valiant Combat Engineer (Wall Miner level 9)
    Elite Artillery (Ranged Siege level 8)
    Veteran Supply Convoy (Supply Wagon level 8)
    Valiant Field Mortar (Light Siege level 7)
    Elite Attack Helicopter (Attack Helicopter level 3)
    Heavy Assault Vehicle (Assault Vehicle level 2)
    Expert Machine Gun, Honored Machine Gun (Machine Gun level 9 & 10)
    Strategic Infiltrator, Honored Infiltrator (Commando level 9 & 10)
    Heavy Tank Mk8 - Mk9 (Heavy Tank level 8 & 9)
    Veteran RPG, Honored RPG (Bazooka level 7 & 8)
    Armored Car Mk7 - Mk8 (Armored Car level 7 & 8)
    APC Mk5 - Mk6 (APC level 5 & 6)
    Veteran Tactical Helicopter, Honored Tactical Helicopter (Tactical Helicopter level 4 & 5)
    MRL Mk3 - Mk4 (MRL level 3 & 4)
    Veteran Fighter Mk1 - Mk6 (Fighter level 25 – 30)
    Supersonic Bomber Mk1 - Mk6 (Bomber level 25 - 30)
    Strategic Transport Mk1 – Mk6 (Transport level 19 - 24)

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  • #2
    and digital?
    The Greeks
    Μονο για πολεμοχαρης παικτες! Απο επιπεδο 180 και πανω.

    The Greeks 2
    Training academy για ολα τα επιπεδα παικτων.


    • #3
      Bad, bad joke :-(((


      • #4
        Why so petty? Space Age isn't even the last age anymore. Oh well, I guess it will make it all the more hilarious when Information Age gets rushed out in the next few months.


        • #5
          Don't why you guys are so hellbent on making things for your most veteran players either a constant reach for the wallet, or a perpetual, tedious and unfun grind but here it is. This game is actually much more fun and raiding (i.e the bulk of gameplay) far more rewarding in what are now the middle ages industrial-atomic.

          Having to spend hours dropping medals because you've been pushed up to 2600 overnight is not fun. Having to search for rare ntg's because the nations are so badly out of balance in late game is not fun. And no, a general that only upgrades by special purchases in the VIP store is not the solution to that problem. Being arbitrarily excluded or halved from these Ages events is not fun either.

          Kudos on you recent increase in transparency and efforts against cheating. However, you spent years either digging a hole or letting one form around you so now's not the time for touchdown dances. Still plenty of work to be done here.


          • LordStark263AC
            LordStark263AC commented
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            Excellent comment

          • Uhuru
            Uhuru commented
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            That's right! When you get to level 250+, you get into a hole... it's a pity to throw only because of the long previous history.. Instead of riveting new ages, put previous - AA, CWA in order, there is nothing to do at all above.. with my 296 SA, the game is boring as never before..

        • #6
          Originally posted by Bootney Lee Fonsworth View Post
          ...I guess it will make it all the more hilarious when Information Age gets rushed out in the next few months.
          There's no laughing matter.. DA was implemented for half a year or even a year earlier than anyone needed it. And seriously, in this form, new ages are not necessary at all - this is a stupid increase in one level of all buildings and troops.. what is the interest?


          • SomeRandomPlayer
            SomeRandomPlayer commented
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            You're a level 296 SA; you could be playing with the Recon plane but stubbornly refuse to age up and instead complain about there being nothing new.

          • Bootney Lee Fonsworth
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            Ehh, hilarity is where you find it. I've long given up on these guys ever making decisions that would grow the player base FOR ALL PLAYERS. So I find my gallows humor in their decision to be as faithfully obtuse and money-grubbing as possible with each announcement and update. 9 out of 10 times I'm ROFLMAO over the years, your mileage may vary of course.

            Just sayin', I see an extraordinary amount of level 330+ players where I'm at, oddly the bulk of them are Korean despite them getting a later start than most, though that's neither here nor there. And I imagine most of said players maxed their museums long ago. So....what's going to keep them spending? Hmm.....

        • #7
          Is the rocket arsenal upgrade discounted?


          • LordStark263AC
            LordStark263AC commented
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            Yes. I'm planning on upgrading it to Level 2. I have about 15 hours or so before 50% CWA discounts end.

          • Dvicious
            Dvicious commented
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            thanks! _______

        • #8
          Weird to put this post outside of the ongoing sticky post under general discussion....
          Def staying space age. When info age comes, you'll be hitting space age at the lowest. I'll still be able to hit CW.


          • #9
            You DA guys should be used to grinding for oil by now


            • #10
              LUNAR NEW YEAR EVENT, the event just got stupid for Space Age players not sure about the rest of the ages, The game wants Space Age to build 750 Heavy MK7 tanks over the next 5 days. That would take 125 battles to build that many tanks if you lost all in battles. That’s 25 battles a day, with 3 tanks building per factory may and at approx 40 min per tank that’s 3000 min per day. I live in time constraint of 1440 min a day. Even if I were to use rebuild blessing 25 battles per day is unrealistic


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