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Templars Reborn merged with Phoenix Legion - welcome all players

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  • Templars Reborn merged with Phoenix Legion - welcome all players

    Templars Reborn merged with Phoenix Legion

    Top ages went from Phoenix Legion to Templars Reborn and lower ages go to Phoenix Legion
    That way both alliances will have better chances of matchmaking with opponents similar level to their age

    1. We are still looking for players who want to join our family:
    a) higher ages atomics and above please join Templars Reborn
    -14 perks,
    -17 important laws
    -min 45 active members from all around the world
    -casual but team work with wars, donations and laws
    -we only expect 15x daily donations to laws,
    -no need to war if u don't want to

    b) lower ages global and below please join Phoenix Legion
    -13 perks
    -10 important laws
    -min 30 active members (due to merge) but usually above 40
    -in wars you will have better chance matchmaking with opponents same age as yours so wars will be more fun to you and you will have more targets to choose from
    -but no need to war if you don't want to

    2. We have our small discord server, everyone is welcome to chat more comfortably outside the game:

    3. Cool images of our alliance on imgur:

    We are still open to merge propositions
    We are open to visitors and travelers
    Join 5-yrs old alliance - Templars Reborn! You will grow faster with us!
    14 perks, 17 laws and growing!
    We welcome all new players, FUN and friendly with team work
    My biggest weakness - I love to use emojis