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Why not come and see what all the fuss is about?

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    The Aesir has a few spaces available!

    We are looking for active, chatty members who want to have fun and grow as a team.

    If this sounds like a fit for you come check out The Aesir!

    Line app is required.


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      The Aesir has a few spaces available for active members wanting to be part of a team.


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        You must be looking for something new and exciting or you wouldn't be here. Yes, I know you've heard this all before, but how will you know unless you come see for yourself.

        The weekend is almost here and now is the perfect time to drop by and get acquainted with
        The Aesir.


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          Hell yeah! What are you waiting for ladies and, if it calls for it, gents...step on over and check us out. We would love to hear from you.

          We are an active, fun-loving, stress-free Alliance who prides itself on support and engagement. We hold Wars twice, sometimes three times a week and have reached Perks Level 6.

          Anything else....

          We use LINE (app) to communicate. On there, you can find: base ideas; war plans; Competitions (yep); and general chat.

          If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, then why not hook up with us, we’d love to chat😃


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            RECRUITMENT KLAXON!!!!!

            Ok, perhaps that was a little full-on, but hey, we’re only trying to catch your attention😃.

            Here at The Aesir, we are looking for active, supportive and most of all FUN loving ladies and, if the need arises, gents to join our camp😃. That may sound like positive discrimination and it is, sort of. But you see we are an inclusive team who value balance, new ideas, and everything that comes with equality!

            Ok, here’s the obvious stuff…

            War: Twice a week, sometimes three.
            Glory: Hovering around the 17,000 mark, but we keep facing stacked teams.
            Perks: Level 6 and rising.
            War Base Donations: ALWAYS Atomic Age.
            Donation Rates: We give in order to receive (da et accipe) and that means everyone!!!
            Communication: VITAL, we insist on LINE app for wars too.
            In-house fun: We run weekly competitions and have started internal World Wars.

            So, if any of that sounds interesting, look us up!


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              Wahoo!!! It's the weekend, so that means only one thing...fun!

              Here at The Aesir, we believe gaming life should be a full and fun life!!! We're very active, chatty, inclusive and supportive!!!

              So...what are you waiting for? We only have a few berths on our ace and active roster, so be quick!

              See you real soon!


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                Bump bump bump


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                  Here's the small print:
                  Activity - essential
                  Support - essential
                  Comminication - essential
                  Use of Discord - essential
                  Experience - desirable

                  Here at The Aesir, we believe in simple maxims. Team life should be a full and fun life. Hell we all need a bit of fun, right?

                  We're looking for ladies or gents who share these principles! So, if you are a sort of selfish, lone wolf then please look elsewhere...

                  We are also looking to diversify our team structure. No...not to blinking sandbag our War rosters [rolls eyes at the mere suggestion], but to provide a home for all those players who want one, regardless of Age/ability.

                  Sound like fun? Then sign-up today!


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                    Join a team...do it today!
                    Don't delay and play our way!

                    Here at The Aesir, life is all about communication, support and activity!

                    We are an ambitious, successful and fun loving team of likeminded people who just want what we all want...a fun, team based experience!!!!

                    So what are you waiting for! Join us tonight!!!! Or tomorrow...but definitely before Sunday!!!


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                      The Aesir is accepting new members of all ages and XP levels. If you are looking for a fun active alliance come check out The Aesir.


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                        The Aesir are looking for active members who like to war!

                        Be sure to say hello when you join. We are only looking for serious members who are wanting to grow as a team.


                        • GeeGee
                          GeeGee commented
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                          Yup! We certainly need players who enjoy war. You
                          Don’t have to be brilliant, or experienced. We war to be part of a group and hopefully have fun/learn as we go.

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                        The Aesir is a team-oriented alliance. We are accepting active members of all ages. Come check us out!


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